Freight audit check

We all know how complicated it is to audit freight invoices. Most of the time, the actual services being billed are not readily apparent and often there are items listed that were not ordered or which were not supposed to be separately billed.

Identifying these requires extensive knowledge of the industry and, above all, time.

Once we identify the errors on invoices, claims can be filed with the biller and a refund or revised invoice requested.

Because we provide advice and support to help you optimise your processes, we will handle contacting the biller, if you wish, and represent your interests. This offers medium- and long-term optimisation of your business processes.

This begins by creating your tenders and requests for quotations in the ad hoc and tender areas. This way, you will pay freight invoices in the future only after we have checked and approved them.

Our eQuotic cargo management system helps in this regard. The system automatically assigns accepted offers to your tenders/requests for quotations and compares incoming freight invoices.

By centralising data within the system, we can provide analyses, evaluations, and key performance indicators that will make the management and planning of your shipments easier and faster in the future.

By outsourcing the invoice auditing to us, paying incorrect invoices will become a thing of the past and your staff will be freed up to work on other projects.

We can go over your existing processes in a one-on-one conversation, after which we will submit a non-binding offer for our services.

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